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Geomaster offerS Polypropylene /PP geogrids-High-strength Reinforced Geosynthetic Material

Polypropylene geogrid is a high-strength reinforced geosynthetic material made of polypropylene (PP), extruded, stretched in one or two directions, or ultrasonically welded. It has a tensile strength of up to 50kN/m. It's usually 3m-6m wide and 50m long.

Mainly two types according to construction: polypropylene PP biaxial-geogrids, PP uniaxial-geogrid.

Polypropylene geogrids have many advantages, including high strength, a stable structure, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance. It is mainly used in highways, railroads, slope protection, large landfills, and other soft soil engineering reinforcement, enhancing the bearing capacity of the soft soil foundation, preventing surface cracking, collapse, and providing easy construction and reduced maintenance costs. It can also be commonly used as double-tensioned plastic mesh mine roof for underground coal mines and polypropylene PP geogrid as fire retardant safety nets for protection.

PP geogrid
Color:Black or Customer's Request
Tensile strength: 15KN-50KN
Raw Material: Polypropylene Plastic
Mesh Size: 33*33mm 39*39mm 65*65mm
Usage: Soil Reinforcement

PP Biaxial Geogrid: Roll size: 3.95m by 50m or 5.90m by 50m or customized.

PP-biaxial warp-knitted geogrid reinforcement for railroad and soft ground
Polypropylene (PP) Geogrid specifications for Railways:
Material Polypropylene (PP): Ultimate tensile Strength:20Kn/m (min)
Material Polypropylene (PP): Ultimate tensile Strength:30Kn/m (min)

Square hole pp mesh geogrids
30mm square hole PP Geogrid, mesh thickness app. 3 mm
Packaging 4mtr x 200mtr on roll
Colour: Black

Bi-Axial Geogrid material for our project in Oman.
Material: Bi-axial oriented PP geo-grid
Tensile Strength: 20 kN/m
Mesh size: 40x40 mm
Width: 2 m
Thickness: 1 mm

Multi axial PP Geogrid Rolls

Tensile strength: 15-50kN/m
Width: 2/3.95/5.9m
Package: Rolls