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Polypropylene Plastic Material Multi-Axial Geogrid with Stable Modulus of Quality Control For Road Base

Multi-axial geogrid is a new product developed from uniaxial and biaxial tensile geogrids. It is made of polypropylene through extrusion, stretching, plate formation, and punching. The geogrid is then oriented in three directions to achieve a high degree of molecular orientation and integral direction of the soil, thus preventing soil loss and enhancing roadbed settlement prevention.

Multi axial geo grids are several times more effective than biaxial and uniaxial geogrids in preventing settlement, ideal for extending the life of roadbeds.
This product has a rectangular rib section, an equilateral triangle inner hole, and a positive hexagonal outer edge. It boasts low 2% cut line tensile modulus and high 5% cut line tensile modulus, making it ideal for foundation work.

Type: Multi-Axial geogrid

Use: For highway, railroad, national road foundation, soft foundation treatment
Length and width: 4m-6m*50m
Color: Black

Three Dimentional Multi Axial Geogrid

Material: Polypropylene
Mesh shape: multiple triangle
Modulus: 125-400KN
Rib spacing: biaxial-directional reinforcement
Performance: Multi-directional stability reinforcement

Multi Axial Geogrid Mesh Rolls

The extruded plastic mesh material has great tensile strength in all directions, is in full contact with the roadbed.

Multiaxial  Geogrid Technical Datasheet

Tensile Strength at 2% Strain (MD&CD)≥(KN/m)
200 300 400
Tensile Strength at 5% Strain (MD&CD)≥(KN/m)
140 140 140
Tensile Strength at 2% Strain (MD&CD)n(KN/m)
Machine/Cross/45° /135° Direction
4 6 8
Tensile Strength at 5% Strain (MD&CD)(KN/m)
6 8 16
Tensile Strength≥(KN/m)
10 15 20
Elongation≤(%) Machine/Cross/45°/135°Direction 13 13 13
Carbon black content (%) 2

Tensile Strength: The tensile force required to produce a rupture in a strip of geogrid sheet, measured in MD & CD, expressed in KN/m.