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Tri-axial geogrids products According to Customer Requirements, custom specifications

Triaxial aperture geogrid is a composite material of a three-dimensional network of extruded polymer filaments, which provides maximum stability and strength as a reinforcement product in various engineering projects such as roads, walls, and embankments.

Tri-axial Mesh Construction

Triaxial plastic geogrid is a strong and durable synthetic geosynthetic material used for reinforcing lateral loads in construction projects. It can be comprised of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) filaments with melting points of 230°C – 240°C. The strands are thermally formed into a uniform and regular mesh structure and are chemically treated to become corrosion resistant and prevent deformation due to temperature changes. Triaxial mesh geogrids are highly resistant to tearing and puncture, acids and alkalis, and soil vesiculation.

Technical Specifications
Triaxial plastic geogrid comes in various sizes that usually range from thickness 0.3mm to 12.7mm for standard geogrids, or 3.5mm and 5cm for short mesh size types. Standard rolls are 100m long by 1m wide while rolls of medium mesh type are 50m long by 2m wide. Colors available in standard geogrids include white, black, orange, blue, and green.

Triaxial geogrid is laid directly on the subsoil in the form of strips and then tied to stakes. An important part of proper installation is properly applying the overlaps between adjacent grids to ensure that the grid has good seating. For heavier applications, such as wall and road reinforcements, a geogrid interlocking system is recommended.

The main characteristics of triaxial plastic geogrid are its superior mechanical properties, excellent stress transfer properties, high resistance to environmental contamination and corrosion, and its ease of installation. Additionally, it provides a uniform distribution of load and flexibility,while maintaining tensile integrity.

Other features of triaxial plastic geogrid include UV resistant, low thermal conductivity, superior tensile modulus, low cost, long service life, and limited water permeability. Triaxial plastic geogrid ultimately provides an economical solution for reinforcing asphalt, base course, and soil areas, and has a wide range of uses in civil engineering applications.

Triaxial PP geogrids

Color: Black
Material: PP
Specification: 4*50
Mesh size: 3.5cm
Longitudinal tensile yield force (kn/m): 50
Transverse tensile yield(kn/m): 50
Anti-light aging grade: Grade III
Longitudinal yield elongation(%):15
Transverse yield elongation(%):13
Effect: Road base reinforcement
Tensile strength at 2% elongation (kn/m):17.5
Elongation at 5% elongation (kn/m):35